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Project Partner

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The magnitude of the savings crisis demands action by leading firms and institutions, and we are seeking Project Partners to help address a key social issue of our time.

Our team of experts will work with each company to custom design and distribute savings products that can improve the lives of employees and/or customers, aligning with existing brand, thought leadership, and corporate social responsibility efforts.

Your organization will also gain early access to data-driven emerging research, technical assistance to test and learn, data analysis support, and public recognition through communications.

We’re looking for leading corporations, financial institutions and fintech organizations who have the capacity to reach at least 100,000 low- to moderate-income individuals to:

  • Do: Commit internal resources to build, partner, and/or enhance savings innovations and tools for employees or constituents
  • Learn: Agree to test, learn, and meaningfully measure to drive progress
  • Share: Publicly acknowledge your commitment to this issue, as well as share project outcomes and learnings

The deadline to join the Year One cohort is May 31, 2019; contact us to learn more.