Emergency Savings Summit (London)

Emergency Savings Summit (London)

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

In May, ESI partner Nest Insight hosted a summit dedicated to workplace emergency saving, with insights from its research programs and brought together employers, academics, industry and policymakers to discuss and debate:

  • What works in encouraging participation from employees?
  • What barriers to implementing workplace emergency savings programs exist for employers,                 and providers? And how could these be surmounted?
  • What are the measures of success for emergency savings schemes, beyond take-up?
  • What can we learn from international examples?

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First session


  • Will Sandbrook, Nest Insight
  • Guy Opperman Member of Parliament, Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion
  • Gemma Gooch , BlackRock Social Impact
  • Tim Flacke, Commonwealth
  • Jo Phillips, Nest Insight
  • Michelle Sutton, Suez
  • Roxana Priscaru, Money and Pensions Service
  • Ian Hodson, University of Lincoln

Video Highlights

14:49 Will Sandbrook, Nest Insight

20:41 Guy Opperman, Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion

30:02 Gemma Gooch, BlackRock Social Impact

36:03 Tim Flacke, Commonwealth

49:17 Roxana Priscaru, Money and Pensions Service

1:10:35 Jo Phillips, Nest Insight

1:22:42 Ian Hodson, University of Lincoln

1:29:10 Q&A

Second Session (2:00:36)

Topic: How can employers and providers be supported to develop and deliver emergency savings solutions?


Moderator: Will Sandbrook, Nest Insight

  • Katie Duxbury, Bupa
  • Jake Attfield, Fair4All Finance
  • Lauren Langton, incuto
  • Asesh Sarkar, Salary Finance

Summary Wrap-up (3:14:30)

  • Will Sandbrook, Nest Insight
  • Sarah Melvin, BlackRock UK



VIDEO LINK: Get the insights from the Summit.