Red Tab Foundation: Protecting Vulnerable Employees Through Savings Innovation

Monday, June 5, 2023

“Don’t underestimate just how important it is for your workers to feel the security…of having their own savings fund or safety net.”

Jenny Calvert-Rodriguez, Executive Director, Red Tab Foundation

How Employees Benefit From Innovative Savings Solutions

How can you better protect your most vulnerable employees? The Red Tab Foundation (RTF) partnered with BlackRock’s Emergency Savings Initiative (ESI) and the Financial Health Network to do just that by enhancing its Red Tab Savers program. 

RTF increased employee participation in its Savers program by adding prize-linked savings to its existing dollar-for-dollar match. This not only helped employees save more, but also represented a meaningful investment in the financial health of the company’s workforce.

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The 2022 Impact Report

The Red Tab Foundation is one of more than 30 organizations that have joined forces with ESI, ultimately helping millions of people gain access to emergency savings. Read the full report to explore key milestones, learnings, and emerging areas for innovation.